First Annual FLASH SALE!

For a limited time; two weeks only....these selected paintings will be available at savings from 50 to 75%.

Sale ends on November 5th!

These prices include shipping.  Simply click on the image to purchase.

These paintings are currently not slated for gallery representation or on any curated online site like Artful Home, which is why I am able to offer these great prices, albeit for a short time.  I am unable to offer discounts on those that are currently shown on Artful Home or are represented in a gallery.

These works are in local storage and are ready to ship , so don't miss out, as this will only happen once a year!

Any questions, or if you would like to purchase on an instalment plan, email me at [email protected]

Thanks, and happy browsing!


Taste the Summer 20"x30" REG:$875  SALE:$218:75

Jalisco Twilight 12"x36" REG: $1700  SALE: $425.00

Firefly Night 20:"x20"
REG: $1280  SALE: $640

Sunset at Treasure Island 18"x24" REG: $640  SALE: $320

Honeymoon Beach 14"x18" 
REG: $480  SALE: $240

Until the Last Moment 20"x20" REG: $960 SALE: $480

Afterglow 18"x18"
REG: $900
SALE: $225

I Know a Place 20"x20" REG: $875.00  SALE: $437.50

Bright as Yellow 20"x20"
REG: $960
SALE: $240

Here I Stand & Face the Rain 16"x16" REG: $630  SALE: $315

Ocean Blue 12"x16"
REG: $480
SALE: $240

Zen 16"x20" REG: $840  SALE: $420

Summer Breeze 24"x36" REG: $1700  SALE:$850

Gross, Kelly & Co. Warehouse  12"x16"
REG: $480
SALE: $120

Taste the Summer  20"x30"
REG: $875
SALE: $437.50

I Could Be Happy Here 22"x28"
REG: $1200
SALE: $600

All in the Golden Afternoon 20"x20"
REG: $960
SALE: $480

Foot of the Mountain 22"x28"
REG: $1200
SALE: $300

All That Remains 20"x30"
REG: $1200
SALE: $600

Urubamba Boy 12"x16"
REG: $400
SALE: $200

Pulse 18"x24"
REG: $880
SALE: $440

Last Light 20"x20"
REG: $800
SALE: $200

Siren's Call 20"x20"

Farewell to Sorrento 20"x20"
REG: $960
SALE: $480