Desperately want a painting by Hunter Jay, but you just can't swing the cost in a lump sum?  See below for details on how to finance.

A payment plan for a painting by Hunter Jay is very much like a "Layaway" Plan: A 25% deposit of the total cost of the painting is paid up front. This reserves the painting for you and it no longer appears on the website or anywhere else as available. 

How it works: You pay Wilderness Creek Creations 25% down and continue paying installments on the painting you’ve chosen. It is then kept by Wilderness Creek Creations and isn’t shipped to you until the balance due is paid in full. We require 6 months to complete the payment. If it is paid in full sooner than that, of course it will be shipped to you at that time.

We really value our customers, and you pay no interest when you buy through the agreed payment plan. You can choose a payment schedule that works for you;  you choose the amount of the payments and the length of the plan (up to 6 months). 

Set up your payment plan through PayPal and you'll receive monthly invoices with a link to send us a payment for the amount due that month. 

A Paypal invoice will be emailed to you for the down payment. This allows you to pay with a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account. Each month after, an invoice reminder will be sent. You may make a payment at anytime for any amount. With your Paypal account, send it to Wilderness Creek Creations or Hunter Jay (my information will be on your first invoice.)

Each month, after your payment is processed, Wilderness Creek Creations will e-mail you a statement showing how much you've paid, and the balance due, so you will always know the status of your balance due. 

The Payment Plan is a binding contract but, it’s also a flexible contract. We understand situations may arise that change your ability to pay.  You can always make larger payments to get your artwork sooner, or, if you run into unexpected circumstances, we can change your payment plan structure (smaller payments for a couple of months, for instance, however the artwork must be paid in full within 6 months of the start of the contract).

If you have initiated a payment plan and for some reason, after having made one or more payments, wish to cancel further payments and receive a refund on payments already made, you may do so, with the following conditions: 

You must notify us immediately so that we can put the painting back online; available for sale. You will be charged a fee of 25 percent (25%) of the total price of the artwork, as a service fee and compensation for our having kept the art off the market for that period of time. 

If you can't make a monthly payment, please let us know as quickly as possible. If we receive no payment or communication from you for 60 consecutive days, you will be in default, and the payment plan will be terminated. The reserved artwork will go back on the market, and you will forfeit whatever payments you have already made. To repeat: When you make no payments nor communicate with us for a period of 60 days or longer, the art will not be yours, and no refunds will be given.

If you have questions or you are ready to buy a painting, please contact me, and thank you!